Silly Crush


Here he comes, punctual and confident. As expected, he’s wearing the navy suit with the matching red necktie as he does every third Wednesday of the month. His hair a little disheveled. Looking a little tired but gorgeous as always. He reads something on his phone, then the adorable frown on his forehead appears. I shamelessly continue to ogle him. He never looks my way. We say our usual good mornings. Finally, he disappears into his private office. With a dreamy  sigh, I turn to my computer. My everyday routine. Pathetic butterflies fluttering in my stomach. The silly crush continues.



© Unending Reverie by Shayne 2018
Photo by on Unsplash


“Oh well, that’s life.”


We all have those days when it feels like the universe is against us. Today was one of those days for me.

This week has been eventful. I was waking up too early in the morning, going place to place, and meeting with people. Adding the stressful commute situation in Metro Manila and the constant heavy rain, each day was bound to be exhausting. However, today was the worst. I was faced with conditions I couldn’t control and I was completely let down.

The weather was so bad. The traffic was impossible. My clothes were drenched and dirty. I was hungry. I couldn’t get a ride. I was feeling sick. My body is weak and my spirit seems broken. My mood is at its lowest.

My situation was really bad, but I wasn’t alone. I wasn’t the only one having a hard time. There were people going through the same sad experience. But I knew then that I was done for the day. There was nothing else I could do but go home before I get stranded by the coming flood. In the end, I couldn’t make it to an appointment and had to reschedule.

It’s life. Almost everything is like a test… “How bad do you want this?” “How far are you willing to go to get what you want?”… I was really fired up like a warrior in combat. I’ve been looking forward to that meeting. I wanted to go so bad. But I was defeated. The universe held me back.

Oh well, that’s life. Next week is another battle. You know what they say, “fall down 7 times, get up 8“.



Photo by Alex Dukhanov on Unsplash


Slowly I move a little closer,

and closer still,

until the distance between us disappears

We both know what’s coming

Your gaze lowers, shy,

hiding warm chocolate-brown eyes

A flutter of dark eyelashes

Pink coloring your snow-white cheeks

Breaths mingling

Skin to skin, almost

It’s too much,

but it’s never enough

Your hand above my pounding heart

Your heart in my hand

Nothing can come between us

Finally, we are kissing

Souls embracing

Tongues slow dancing

It feels like a fairy tale ending



© Unending Reverie by Shayne 2018


The howling dog from down the street stirred the quiet night. He shouldn’t be here, doing this. He has no right. But he couldn’t stay away. For one last time, he had to make sure.

He walks down the familiar path towards the back of the house, only stopping by the flowerbed for some pebbles. The air feels heavy. His hands sweaty. He throws the pebbles at her window like he used to. He holds his breath.

The curtains didn’t part. No silhouette appeared. His chest hurts.

The window remained closed,
like her heart,
never to open for him again.



© Unending Reverie by Shayne 2018
Photo by Manja Benic on Unsplash

Scenes of Summer

Swing chair on the back veranda
Romance book in hand
Iced coffee in her favorite mug,
resting on the wrought iron table
Country music flows
from the radio in her kitchen
While the chocolate chip muffins
slowly bake in the oven
Cat prancing on the grass
A neighborhood dog
barks from a distance
A sigh, she flips a page
The balmy summer night
Cicadas serenade
A contented smile on her face



© Unending Reverie by Shayne 2018

Bedroom Window View

She parts her curtain and sees the red brick wall of her neighbor.

It wasn’t a pretty view.

There used to be a time when looking outside puts a smile on her face. Letting the curtain fall back to its place, she reminisced.

Grass so green touched by the morning dew. Wild daisies by the white fence. The swing her father made for her 4th birthday still hanging from the old apple tree, swaying slightly in the breeze. The family dog stalking some insect on the ground.

Fleeting memories from her youth. Oh how she misses her bedroom window view.



© Unending Reverie by Shayne 2018
Photo from Pixabay